Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Best Place to Start Is At the Beginning...

I know, I know. I'm soooo behind the times. It seems like EVERYONE else is blogging -- sharing their hobbies, their parenting philosophies, their innermost thoughts. I'll be honest. For me, writing is my "day" job, which means doing it for free in my downtime didn't have much appeal. So why am I finally giving in to the pressure? Because in recent months I've been in major creative mode, redoing my office, refinishing furniture, scouring thrift stores and undertaking a variety of other projects. And while the pups are appreciative of my efforts, their ability to offer praise or even feedback is severely limited.

So yes, I'm here seeking approval -- or at least a little attention. I've been inspired lately by so many other blogs, and I've been eagerly soaking up all their amazing DIY ideas. It made me want to share a few of my own, like the birch bark lamp I made.

I also need the accountability to stay productive and creative. I'll admit that I'm just competitive enough to find motivation in the accomplishments of my blogger friends. I'm also getting ready to take on space at two local antique malls and this blog will be a great place to share my favorite finds and highlight the items I'm selling. So stay tuned. This is just the beginning...

Wendy Lee


  1. I'm the first commenter? Awesome! Love reading your stuff. And I am filing all these crafty ideas away for when I have time.

  2. nice! i'm excited to see how your blog progresses and to see your booths!!

  3. I always LOVE to see your latest projects, Wendy, and look forward to reading your blog!

  4. Hurrah, I'm so glad I'll get to read about your projects since I can't see them in person these days...

  5. First time I've seen your Blog! The other Dame girls & I were impressed! I'll be looking for old chairs, I think even I could do that. They have some great yard sales in Red Lodge.