Sunday, December 2, 2012

Last-minute Christmas Orders!

If you're looking for last-minute Christmas gifts from Punctuation Studio, you need to contact me soon! Choose from hand-stamped necklaces in sterling silver or nickel and stamped spoon-handle necklaces. As always, I can customize them with meaningful words, names, phrases and charms. And don't let the chains distract you. I have several different options, so you can mix and match.

Spoon-handle Necklace ($50):

Sterling Silver Compass necklace ($75):

Name Necklace (sterling - $45 & up; nickel - $25 & up):

Phrase Necklace (sterling - $45 & up; nickel - $25 & up):

Precious Metal Clay - this is 99% pure silver that comes in clay form. I shape it and stamp it by hand then fire it in a kiln and polish to get the results below (necklace $65; earrings $35):